We place the very best of Irish craftsmanship is at the foundation of our brand ethos. We hold an unwavering commitment to the mastery of artistry, skills, and traditions that make Irish linen so enchanting. It's a celebration of heritage, an ode to artisans, and a promise of unparalleled quality to our customers.

A Tradition Alive

Our work aims to keep traditional skills and processes alive. From the delicate art of Irish crochet to the unique process of beetling, we are dedicated to preserving the crafts that are inseparable from our heritage.

We believe that in an age of mass production, there's an incredible value in the slow, careful hands of a seasoned artisan. It's this belief that guides our selection of materials, our designs,and our entire creative process.

Heritage Meets Innovation

While we pay homage to the past, we believe in making it relevant for today. We fully embrace innovation, from adopting sustainable practices to creating unique textures like our beetled metallic fabric. It's about bringing the best of the old world into the new, where the graceful union of tradition and innovation weaves a new, captivating narrative.

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Irish Linen:

Discover the history, significance, and properties of our main material.

Beetled Linen:

A closer look at the unique process of beetling, the secret behind our exclusive textures.

The Process:

A deep dive into the methods and steps that go into crafting each Kindred piece.

By supporting Kindred of Ireland, you're buying more than a piece of clothing; you're becoming a part of a tradition that values excellence, respects heritage, and strives for sustainability. Welcome to our community of craftsmanship