THE STELLA DRESS | Our Stella dress is a new shape for Spring Summer. Easy to wear in her simplicity and WEARABILITY, yet makes a bold statement with her colour and interesting cut. Like many of our pieces, she can be worn two ways - V neck to the front o

A Sacred Journey

Our process is a sacred journey that weaves together the finest local skills, materials, and artisanal techniques. Each stitch, seam, and weave is an ode to the rich heritage of Irish craftsmanship and an embodiment of sustainable fashion. Here’s an insight into the magic that goes into each piece we create.

Local Skills

Our collections are brought to life through the hands of local artisans. From seamstresses to spinners, each artisan contributes their unique skills to our creative process. One of the most treasured techniques we employ is Irish crochet, a centuries-old craft that encapsulates the spirit of Ireland’s textile history. We are committed to preserving this and other local skills, ensuring that these valuable crafts continue to thrive.

Excellence in Detail

We aim for a level of craftsmanship so refined that our clothes could be worn inside out. To achieve this, we use French seaming in our pieces, a high-quality seam that not only looks exquisite but also ensures durability.

The end result is a piece that is as flawless on the inside as it is on the outside. Each element, down to the minutest detail like buttons and threads, is chosen with the utmost care.

Made-to-Order Model

Central to our ethos is our Made-to-Order model, an approach that resonates deeply with our commitment to both craftsmanship and sustainability. Opting for this model allows us to stay true to our artisanal roots and make full use of local skills, resulting in pieces that are as unique as the individuals who wear them. By only producing what is needed, we eliminate excess stock and minimise waste, thus aligning our practices with our core values of sustainability.

The Made-to-Order model serves many purposes. It not only enables us to offer pieces tailored to fit,but also lets us contribute to the local community by employing homegrown skills. Far from being a drawback, we believe the waiting period actually enriches the customer experience. The anticipation that builds while awaiting your custom piece enhances the emotional connection you have with it, knowing that skilled artisans are meticulously crafting a garment destined to become a treasured part of your wardrobe.