Our Mission

We exist to breathe new life into Irish linen heritage.  

Traditions and techniques of old being honoured once again through design that embodies timeless, considered and understated style. Made to treasure forever and pass down.

Slow & Sustainable

Good things take time. Slowing it down, enjoying the journey and bringing you closer to the maker is at our core. Each handmade garment is a celebration of craft, graft and process. 

From flax to fabric, we are passionate about transparency in our supply chain, which we try and limit to this island. Linen is a natural, sustainable fabric, requiring little water to produce. Linen even gets better with age.  

Social Justice

Over the last two years, we have partnered with Flourish in their Sew and Skill programme. The programme gives training in sewing, pattern cutting and hand stitching, along with an upskilling programme which develops confidence in areas of team building, time management, personal budgeting and CV creation. This use of creativity as a tool for positive social change is exactly what Kindred is about. In this spirit, 10% from every Kindred of Ireland purchase will be sown back into the work that Flourish do through their sew and skill programme.

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Local Craftsmanship

We source the finest, locally-sourced Irish linen to ensure every piece we create is of the highest quality. Every product is thoughtfully designed and made in our studio situated in Co. Down, Ireland.All items are classic, considered and understated; the kind you can throw on effortlessly, cherish forever and pass down to your kindred.