Irish linen has always been a part of founder Amy Anderson’s life.

Irish linen has always been a part of founder Amy Anderson’s life. Growing up listening to stories of her grandparents’ youths spent working at Moygashel Linen Mill and hearing them talk of transforming flax into fabric, she has long been enthralled by the craft and skill involved in producing linen.It’s unique properties, from its strength and sustainability, to its ability to conduct heat have been championed by her ancestors for generations, instilling in Amy a deep appreciation for its distinctive qualities.

More considered approach to fashion

On discovering an old photograph of her grandmother Winnie (pictured) spinning yarn at Moygashel mill, she felt a calling to return to these roots and continue her family’s heritage by creating her own Irish Linen brand.With Kindred Of Ireland, she celebrates her affinity with the textiles industry and continues her family’s story with her contemporary yet classic designs.Using expert craftsmanship and artisanal techniques such as beetling and combining this with a functional yet graceful aesthetic, Kindred Of Ireland is true to Amy’s muse of marrying the old with the new to weave a linen story that’s in tune with our times.

Responsibly sourced, handmade to order, sustainable and intentional, integrity is at the heart of Amy’s vision for Kindred, as is her dedication to helping others adopt a slower, more considered approach to fashion.

With fast fashion fuelling sweat shops, exploitation and child labour, Amy is passionate about anti-slavery. Prior to launching Kindred, she studied social justice in California and spent time volunteering with a design company in China that employed survivors of trafficking. Seeing how enterprise could harness positive social change gave Amy the desire to make responsibility a key part of Kindred’s DNA. This led her to work with anti-trafficking charity Flourish NI to partner in the development of their Sew & Skill programme to upskill survivors. Now Kindred send 10% of profits to Flourish NI to help victims recover and regain their independence.

Going onto study Textiles Art, Design and Fashion at the University of Ulster in Belfast and finally launching Kindred Of Ireland in 2020, the brand is still young, but as her family will attest to, it’s been a long time in the making.