At the core of Kindred of Ireland, we value people.

After witnessing the devastating effects of human trafficking in both a global and local context, Amy is committed to making our brand an instrument in bringing about 'freedom through fashion.' There are over 40 million people currently living in modern day slavery. Many of these are in the fashion industry, with fast fashion being synonymous with exploitation and abuse. This is one of the major reasons we want to model a slower approach to fashion which values every aspect; from the people involved in our supply chain, to the social causes we support.Flourish NI is a Belfast based charity and exists to provide long term aftercare and support for those affected by human trafficking. Over the last two years, we have partnered with Flourish in their Sew and Skill programme. The programme gives training in sewing, pattern cutting and hand stitching, along with an upskilling programme which develops confidence in areas of team building, time management, personal budgeting and CV creation. This use of creativity as a tool for positive social change is exactly what Kindred is about. In this spirit, 10% from every Kindred of Ireland purchase will be sown back into the work that Flourish do through their sew and skill programme.Through this fantastic programme, Kindred has had the opportunity to collaborate with Flourish to produce a beautiful, Irish linen tote bag. The ‘Kindred x Flourish’ bag was designed by Kindred and produced by the Flourish sewing team. 100% of profits from the bag go directly back into the Sew and Skill programme. These can be purchased from here.We deeply value our relationship with the Flourish team and look forward to developing it further in the future.