Beetled Linen

When we speak of tradition, we don't just mean a nostalgic glance back at the past, we are envisioning a vibrant dialogue with history that propels us into an innovative future. It's this ethos that informs our love affair with beetled linen — a textile that exemplifies the unexpected yet beautiful convergence of heritage and modernity.

The Unexpected Aesthetic

Beetling is all about the unexpected: the unexpected lustrous sheen and structure in the material, the unexpected blend of historical reverence and contemporary styling, and the unexpected narrative each beetled piece unfolds. Beetling not only allows us to pay homage to the rich past of Irish textile craftsmanship but also imbues this heritage with unexpected excitement and modernity. The fabric undergoes a transformation that is both captivating and functional—aligning perfectly with our philosophy of sustainable and exceptional craftsmanship.

An Ancient Tradition

The tradition of beetling is steeped in Irish history, originating as far back as the early 17th century or perhaps even earlier. This intense, manual process was developed by our ancestors to add an unmatched lustre and smoothness to linen fabric. In doing so, they created textiles that not only withstand daily rigours but also stand out for their unique aesthetic. Beetling involves dampening linen and then pounding it with wooden mallets or "beetles" in a specialised mill. This laborious but rewarding process results in a compact weave and a surface that catches the light in a mesmerising way.

The Innovation in Beetled Linen

By employing beetling in our collections, we're not merely employing an ancient technique; we're reviving and innovating it. For example, our work with dry-beetled metallic linen, a first in the textile industry, encapsulates this spirit of innovation perfectly. The metallic sheen, combined with the characteristic rigidity that beetling imparts, provides a unique and unexpected aesthetic to our pieces, one that couldn't be further from the ordinary.

The essence of beetled linen had, for centuries, remained confined to furniture. By incorporating it into wearable fashion, we are breaking age-old norms, offering an aesthetic that is unexpected, fresh, and yet deeply tied to our Irish roots.

The Beetled Linen Experience

From our debut Folklore Collection to our recent Beetled Collection, we have consistently pushed boundaries in both design and materials. The crisp, sheen-like texture that beetling adds to linen creates garments that are both eye-catching and functional. Whether it's a tartan pattern or metallic finish, each beetled piece stands out for its unexpected structure, texture, and visual appeal.In essence, the beetling process allows us to embody and express our core values—sustainability, innovation, and heritage—in a single, tangible form. As you explore our beetled linen pieces, we invite you to discover not just a garment but a rich, complex narrative—one that celebrates the unexpected beauty of merging the old with the new.