A Legacy we Uphold

Irish Linen is an intertwined legacy that has touched lives, empowered communities, and shaped identities across Ireland for centuries. Our founder's deep respect for this textile transcends its physical form; it's a heartfelt tribute to a community's resilience, skill, and enduring spirit. A tribute to our own ancestors, many of whom were part of this incredible journey. Irish Linen has been at the very fabric of our society—quite literally—a heritage that Kindred of Ireland feels proud to revive and rekindle.


Irish Linen's tale is one rich in triumphs, struggles, and unwavering resilience. Originating in early Celtic communities where it was valued as a form of currency, this remarkable textile grew to clothe European nobility and redefine global fabric standards. It was a symbol of Irish entrepreneurship in the 18th and 19th centuries, as the island became renowned for producing some of the finest linens in the world. During the industrial revolution, linen mills were some of the first to mechanise, transforming the Irish landscape and providing livelihoods for thousands of people. At the height of the industry in Northern Ireland, a staggering one-third of the workforce was employed in linen production. Belfast, the heart of this enterprise, was so intertwined with linen that it came to be known as "Linenopolis." Despite various challenges—from economic downturns to political struggles—the industry’s impact was so profound that few families in Northern Ireland don’t have some historical connection to linen.

It's this legacy that we, at Kindred, are devoted to preserving and celebrating.

On the Skin

The fabrics ability to absorb water and conduct heat make it one of the most beautiful, versatile fabrics to wear on the skin. The properties of the fabric make it perfect for all seasons, keeping you cool and dry in the summer months, and conducting heat in cooler climates to maintain body temperature.


Producing linen fabric from the flax plant uses far less water than it takes to produce the same amount of cotton. The flax plant itself can be used for multiple purposes, leaving absolutely no waste as every part of the plant has a function. These attributes make Irish linen one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics to use and wear. Linen also becomes more beautiful with age, getting better over time. It is known as the strongest of all natural fibres, ensuring each garment will last for years to come. All of our fabric is sourced locally here in Ireland, which cuts down massively on our carbon footprint and also supports local industry. As we are a small brand, we work with small order quantities to reduce waste where possible.

Beetled Linen

Breathing new life into traditions and techniques unique to Ireland is the reason we exist. The ancient process of beetling linen dates back centuries and involves the fabric being dampened and repeatedly beaten with wooden blocks for hours on end. The result is a linen fabric with unexpected structure and a distinctive sheen. We use Irish beetled linen from some of the last remaining beetlers in the world!

Natural Dyeing

Sustainable, slow processes are what make us come alive. We are proud to work with a natural dyer here in Ireland who uses only natural ingredients, collected rainwater and organic plants. Their dye water is filtered naturally and all matter and food waste is composted to used again for growing more dye plants.