Kindred Spirits - Dana

This Valentine’s Day, Kindred of Ireland is thrilled to unveil the second feature in our Kindred Spirits series - an intimate styling interview with the enchanting jazz singer, Dana Masters.


Known for her vibrant personality and soulful voice, Dana embodies the essence of what it means to be a Kindred Spirit: fun, vibrant, and deeply interesting. Our conversation with Dana was as colorful as her style. From bold and playful to serene neutrals and minimalism, Dana's wardrobe choices mirror the eclectic tapestry of her life. She revels in the spectrum of styles, each reflecting a different note in the symphony of her daily life.


Yet, it was her reflections on aging that struck a particularly poignant chord. Dana shared,

'While the idea of aging might terrify us, when we see someone who is aging with pride and not apologising for it, there is something about that we are drawn to.'

This perspective is a testament to the grace with which she navigates both her career and personal journey, challenging us to see the beauty in every season of life.


Dana is the epitome of self-celebration and love. This Valentine's Day, she gifted the world a new song, ‘Somebody in Love’, a tribute to finding and embracing romance in the mundane moments of life, irrespective of one's relationship status. This message resonates deeply with us at Kindred of Ireland. Just as Dana encourages us to find beauty in everyday experiences, we invite you to discover the romance in the simple act of dressing, in your morning coffee, and in every quiet moment of self-reflection.


This Valentine's, let Dana's song be your anthem. Celebrate yourself, love yourself, and remember - romance isn't only found in grand gestures, but in the ordinary moments that make up our lives together ❤️