Kindred Spirits - Anne



You might recognise Anne from her recent viral moment walking through Belfast on 'Model Strangers' Instagram account- her allure was undeniable. With nearly 30 million views, her beauty, elegance, and humility captured the hearts of many. Her aura, style and values so perfectly align with our vision.


Her connection with Kindred of Ireland extends beyond the camera lens, deeply rooted in the shared heritage of Northern Ireland and our beloved Irish linen. When Anne speaks of her attraction to our brand, she doesn't just mention the natural, lovely linen or the fact that it's made in Ireland; she talks about a connection to her past, a past intertwined with our own.


Anne also deeply resonates with our company values, finding in Kindred something precious – a brand that appeals to women in all seasons of life. This intergenerational appeal is at the heart of what we do. We strive to create pieces that transcend age, pieces that are as timeless as they are elegant.


Anne's fashion advice is equally inspiring. She believes in the power of confidence and the wisdom gained from experience. Her style, influenced by the effortless elegance of French girls, speaks to the balance between comfort and style – a balance we strive for in every Kindred piece.

'You don't need the fashion industry to tell you what you should wear, you just start to learn yourself what you are comfortable with and what you enjoy wearing. Those pieces that make you feel confident.'

Anne embodies everything Kindred of Ireland stands for – heritage, heart, and timeless elegance. She's not just wearing our clothes, but carrying the values we seek to uphold - we couldn't be prouder to have her represent our brand.