Kindred Spirit - Isabel


Isabel embodies the essence of Kindred with her passion, elegance, and unwavering support for small brands. Her journey, marked by a commitment to promoting unique and high-quality craftsmanship, resonates deeply with our ethos of heritage, heart, and family.

An advocate for independent labels, Isabel founded Daily Dress Edit to showcase and celebrate small brands. During our visit to her charming Wiltshire home, we had the pleasure of discussing her style philosophy and the reasons she champions our brand.

Isabel, a true style queen, shared her insights on making dresses versatile. She expertly transforms pieces by dressing them up or down, demonstrating how to make the most of a wardrobe. Her approach to fashion is as much about practicality and longevity as it is about aesthetics.

In our conversation, Isabel expressed her love for Kindred's commitment to heritage and quality. She appreciates the rich story behind each piece of Irish linen, recognising how we honour tradition while innovating to keep our designs relevant and stylish for today.

Isabel's style is a reflection of her values – a blend of elegance, practicality, and a deep appreciation for quality and story. 

We invite you to listen to Isabel’s story, as it beautifully captures the spirit of Kindred.