Kindred Spirit - Jess


Jess is thoughtful, beautiful and shares a deep connection with the heart of Kindred. Her story, one of both loss and enduring legacy, aligns with our ethos of heritage, heart & family.


Jess was an early supporter of Kindred, purchasing one of our first Bluebell Blouses. We had so much fun in the studio styling some of her favourites, as well as trying out some of the new pieces from our ‘Into The Wild’ collection.


Our conversation was interesting and varied, venturing through topics such as grief and loss, exploring the essence of style inspiration, business and the rich history of Irish linen. As a woman who has sadly lost both of her parents, Jess’s thoughtful perspective sheds light on the power of clothing not just as fashion, but as a carrier of memories and a bridge to the past.


The concept of ‘heirlooms’ holds a sacred place in Jess's heart, reflecting a poignant path to her parents. Her investment in Kindred pieces transcends the physical, embodying a desire to perpetuate her family's legacy through the enduring quality and significance of Irish linen.


Jess's approach to style is rooted by her deep-seated values and the legacy she wishes to leave. We hope you enjoy listening to a little of Jess’ story. To us, we see the embodiment of a Kindred spirit – someone whose beauty is matched by her depth, whose fashion sense is guided by heartfelt connections, and whose commitment to preserving and passing on a rich heritage is unwavering.