The Beetled Collection

The Beetled Collection

Our most recent collection, "The Beetled Collection' centres around a unique and signature Irish linen tradition called 'beetling.'

A globally unique process, beetling involves the pounding of fabric over many hours, allowing the base cloth to develop a beautiful characterful sheen to it. Beetling can be done wet for a high sheen or dry for a desirable lustre. The production method has remained virtually unchanged for nearly 300 years. Our suppliers are the last commercial beetlers in the world. They take pride and care in each roll of linen they create.

The unique process of Beetling dates back to the early 1700s, when linen and flax were part of an agricultural way of life. In the early years, in order to give linen fabric a gloss finish, people would lay it over stones in the middle of the river and pound it with wooden blocks. It is now done using a beetling machine which pounds linen fabric for hours with vertical wooden blocks. The end product is smoother, shinier and completely unique.

This finish is a labour of love that takes time, creating a finish unrivalled by modern processing.

Grab a coffee, sit back, and take some time to watch and enjoy the exquisite and painstaking process of beetling.

With Love,

Amy xx

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