With You Through Every Stage

At Kindred of Ireland, we love that we create pieces that can accompany you through every stage and moment of life, from big celebrations like weddings and parties to cherished everyday moments like morning lounges and coffee catch-ups with friends. We believe that the essence of womanhood is fluid, ever-changing, yet firmly rooted in every life stage. This ethos is deeply embedded in our designs, ensuring that our pieces remain your steadfast companions, adapting and elevating every stage of your journey.

Today, we're celebrating a truly special chapter - Motherhood.

It fills us with immense joy to share that our pieces have not only been embraced by women across different walks of life but have also gracefully accompanied many during the transformative period of pregnancy. I wore many of my pieces throughout my second pregnancy, with the 'roomy', oversized dresses being particularly adaptable as I grew my little boy.

Meet Hannah

We'd love to introduce you to Hannah, a cherished member of the Kindred family. Not only has she been a fervent supporter since the very beginning, having acquired one of our inaugural Cadhla Shirts in 2020, but she also shares a deeply personal connection with me - as my childchood best friend!

As Hannah prepares to welcome a new life into this world, she mentioned a sentiment that deeply resonated with me. Amidst our casual chats about maternity wear, she expressed how her Kindred collection comprised some of the only elegant garments that still gracefully fit her evolving form.

I thought it was fitting to organise a photoshoot in our Belfast studio to celebrate this, and allow Hannah to style some of her recent Kindred favourites. We hope these images warm your soul.

With utmost respect and gratitude, we are deeply honoured to accompany you, celebrating and supporting every chapter of your womanhood.
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