Styling Session 03 | Three Generations of Kindred

Styling Session 03 | Three Generations of Kindred

This past year has been one in which we have lost many freedoms, simple things we so took for granted have become those that we long for. We have been forced into being more creative with fewer resources and options, and somehow, in many ways this has becomes one of the most beautiful themes of 2020. The realisation that a simple life can indeed be a very full life, there has been something pretty refining and refreshing about this moment in time that we have lived through.

From the perspective of growing a brand/business in the midst of lockdown, there have many challenged but as I have reflected on this last period, I can see that this time has been become such a vital detail in our story.

One challenge we faced was 'content creating' as restrictions took our ability to freely move around, hire models/photographers. A couple of months ago we had the idea of letting our customers/supporters become our content creators. After all, it is you who inspires another in how to wear your Kindred piece, because only you can wear it/style it that way.

A couple of years ago, we had the privilege of creating Emily McClean's wedding dress. (You might know her as @sloopmcc on insta). She is the epitome of effortless, boho, rolled-out-of-bed like a rockstar vibes. From being an advocate of sustainable lifestyle/wardrobe choices, to her total authenticity and honestly, she embodies all that we hope to be about here at Kindred. We put forward the idea to Emily and her husband Danny (an incredible photographer @eastbrandingco) to do a little 'at-home' shoot with Emily's mum (you'll see where Emily gets it from!) and her 87 year old Super-Nana.

No photoshoot has went more to the heart of why I created Kindred of Ireland- Three generations of Kindred, coming together to have fun, bond over clothes and put their own unique spin on how a Kindred piece works for them. These photos represent all that we are about.

Here you have it, the sweetest photos you might ever see...scroll with caution if you're a cryer!!

Amy xx

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