Styling Session 01 | Mum

Styling Session 01 | Mum

Kicking off our first blog entry with the first of our 'Kindred Spirit' series. This is where we will be holding styling sessions with some of our spirit sisters! We thought it could be useful to see how all kinds of people wear and style our clothes, both for inspiration and to celebrate the unique vibe that only you can bring to how you style your Kindred pieces.

What better way to kick off this series than with my first ever kindred spirit- coolest chick I know, all round superhero, my Mum, Jen!

Before I even learnt to dress myself, I remember being in total awe sitting in her wardrobe as she would pull together the most perfectly coordinated ensemble, stick on a pair of heels and walk out the door smelling like a dream! My mum has this knack for colour matching that is unrivalled! She could carry a colour in her head for a years, walk in somewhere and come out with a pair of shoes that are the exact colour match for something in her wardrobe- total skill!

She taught me from an early age to invest in quality, staple pieces that will last. Most of what I remember her in as a little girl she is still rocking today.

Thanks Jen for being the coolest. Here she is styling her Cadhla shirt, Lulu robe and Kindred x Flourish tote...

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