Sew & Skill | Rosa's Story

Sew & Skill | Rosa's Story

Rosa* was trafficked to Northern Ireland from Africa.

She was coming to Northern Ireland on the promise of a better life but unfortunately it did not turn out that way. Rosa was trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation. She was in a country she did not know, she did not speak very much English. Rosa had a dream for her future which was cruelly taken away.

Now Rosa wants to be able to build a bright future for herself. Rosa is part of our sew and skill program and starting to re-build a hope for her future. On completion of Sew & Skill, participants such as Rosa are invited to take part in the production of our collaborative bag.

Through this fantastic programme, Kindred of Ireland has had the opportunity to collaborate with Flourish to produce a beautiful, Irish linen tote bag. The ‘Kindred x Flourish’ bag was designed by Kindred of Ireland and produced by the Flourish sewing team. 100% of profits from the bag go directly back into the Sew and Skill programme. It can be purchased here.

*Rosa's name has been changed to protect her identity.

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