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Tradition, Reimagining, and the Intergenerational Bond

At Kindred of Ireland, our first Christmas advert is a heartfelt narrative that weaves together tradition, family, and the spirit of renewal. This year, we decided to create something special and close to our hearts – a story that not only resonates with our brand ethos but also celebrates the genuine connections and traditions that define the festive season.

Featuring Dana Masters, a cherished member of the Kindred community, the advert takes us on a journey through her family's Christmas traditions. Dana's mum, who was visiting from the United States, also features in the video, adding a beautiful and authentic layer of intergenerational sharing to the advert. Witnessing Dana, her mother, and her daughter, Noor, interact was witnessing traditions being lovingly passed down and simultaneously renewed. The simple act of setting the Christmas table became a symbolic gesture of these traditions being kept alive – from one generation to the next.

Intergenerational sharing is a central theme of our festive message: keeping traditions alive, generation to generation, while also allowing them to evolve and be reimagined. Dana's story beautifully illustrates this concept. Her narrative isn't just about maintaining the customs she grew up with; it's also about adapting and blending these traditions with the Irish customs she has come to love. This blend of old and new, the heritage from her American roots, and her life in Ireland, creates a unique tapestry of festive traditions that are both comforting and exciting in their renewal.

In creating this advert, we stayed true to the Kindred ethos of authenticity. There are no actors or scripted lines – just real stories from real people. Dana's candid sharing of her family's traditions gives the advert a warmth. It’s not just her story; it's a reflection of what many of us experience during the festive season – the joy of traditions, the warmth of family gatherings, and the excitement of creating new memories.

This advert marks the beginning of a new tradition for Kindred of Ireland – our annual Christmas advert. But more than that, it's a celebration of the stories that connect us, the heritage that shapes us, and the new traditions that keep our stories vibrant and alive. We hope this advert inspires you to reflect on your own traditions, cherish the memories they hold, and maybe even reimagine them in your unique way.