In a world that feels often uncertain and shaken, there is something so profound in looking around, taking stock & finding the gold in the everyday.

A posture of gratefulness has become an antidote for us - the subtle power of saying a quiet “thank you” for the small things that bring joy to mundane.
In a fast paced, high achieving world, there is a danger of subconsciously ‘holding out’ for the life we are ‘aiming’ for. But the truth is, life is now - It’s the coffee in the morning, the morning commute, the cooking, the little smiles and “mummy watch this” for the thousandth time. Most of our days are woven together with these threads of mundane moments and it can be so tempting to endure the ordinary to get to ‘the thing’. But there is beauty to be found in it all and the reality is, our days will pass by regardless of how we see them.
Life is messy & we will all travel roads that feel a little rocky and too much for us to handle at times. This collection is an expression of all of this.

‘Find The Gold’ has become our mantra at Kindred.

There is so much much gold to see and feel in our everyday - some days it’ll be easy to find, some days we’ll have to mine for it. It’s always there, even in the uncertainty ✨

Feminine and strong, every piece in our AW22 collection* will have a little element of gold to remind us of the small moments in life that catch the light.

Amy x

Photography: @emmakennyweddings

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