AW21 Collection

AW21 Collection

For us, Kindred is about belonging to something bigger than ourselves. It’s about owning our heritage in the linen industry, connecting with our ancestors and protecting a positive legacy. We take the time to reflect on our values and live by them, handcrafting sustainable pieces that tread lightly, putting into practice our beliefs that fashion can be slow, that old techniques can be reimagined and that the present can harness the power of the past.

The first phase of our AW21 collection focuses on the timeless, classics that our pieces embody. Entering new territory such as natural dyeing and tailoring, we have continued to create pieces that have a place in your every-day, yet make you feel special and connected to something bigger.

We hope you enjoy watching our campaign video and looking through our first AW21 drop.

With Love,
Amy xx

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