Anti Slavery Day 2022

Anti Slavery Day 2022

If you have been following us for a while, you will know how deeply passionate we are about our partnership with Northern Irish charity, Flourish NI.

Flourish exist to provide long term aftercare support for survivors of human trafficking. It is beyond comprehension that slavery still exists in our world today. Yet it is estimated that today, in 2022, almost 49.6 million people are enslaved.

At Kindred of Ireland, we believe every single person is of infinite worth and importance, and that every person should have access to equal rights and opportunities, which is why we are so passionate about using the resources and the voice we have to raise awareness of the horrific reality of modern day slavery.

We are so in awe of what Flourish exist to do. Flourish recognise that breaking out of slavery is just the very beginning of someone's 'freedom' story. Through tailored aftercare support, they walk the long and complex road to a brighter future with each of their clients. You can read more about the incredible work they do here

As part of our ongoing partnership, we organised a series of creative workshops in our studio in Belfast where clients of Flourish could come along and take part in textile painting, embroidery and printing. Each individual was given a square of irish linen to make their mark on- the theme was around what gives them hope. We have loved spending afternoons with the flourish team and their clients. We are so in love with each artwork and how it represents 'hope' to that person. Stay tuned for how we will use these in the future.

For now, here are some images of the the workshops.

If you would like to connect with Flourish or support what they do, please feel free to reach out. We would love if you felt inspired to use the resources you have to contribute to the fight against modern day slavery.

With love,

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